Day one patches are just a way of life for modern games, and 2K's annual grappler, WWE 2K16, is getting a fairly substantial fix, much to the dismay of anyone hoping to hop right into the ring.

The 868-MB patch is fairly routine, with many odd animations and presentation issues getting a fix, but there are a few more substantial holes that the company is plugging.

This includes fixing stability issues in online matches, tweaking issues related to the game's pin mechanic (which is vital to any WWE title) and rectifying some presentation issues related to the title's 2K Showcase mode, starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

For the most part, the patch will solve some small issues, but here are some of the more notable fixes, according to 2K's review packet:

- Addressed an issue related to the display of the pin meter
- AI Superstars now react more urgently to break up pins in a 6-man tag match
- Reduced clipping and warping issues associated with performing certain moves
- Addressed numerous online stability issues in various match types
- Addressed an issue with Championship belts not displaying properly during run-ins in title matches
- Addressed numerous clipping issues with clothing and hair parts in character creation
- Fixed a number of presentation issues with Superstars when transitioning from cutscenes in Showcase mode
- Addressed issues related to a few career goals not unlocking properly when conditions were met in MyCareer mode
- Fixed a number of tag team-related issues in MyCareer mode

There is also a WWE Universe mode bug that limits when players can set and create title matches. While this patch doesn't fix that, 2K is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. 

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