In one corner, it's the "Hardcore Legend" Cactus Jack, a guy who proved over the course of his pro-wrestling career that he was willing to go to the utmost extremes — regardless of the pain he experienced along the way.

In the other corner, it's "The Icon," Sting, highly-regarded as one of the best pro-wrestlers of all time.

Popular YouTube uploader CMPuLs3 unleashed this gameplay match footage of Cactus Jack vs. Sting just four days from the Tuesday, Oct. 27 release of WWE 2K16. The best part about the clip? It's a TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) match, fitting a bat-wielding Sting and of course, a sadistic Cactus Jack, just fine. Oddly enough, though, neither superstar makes use of any of the hardware.

Unfortunately for Sting, however, that doesn't stop the "Hardcore Legend" from bringing the pain. Before Sting can even remove his red leather trench coat, Cactus charges across the ring and attacks him in this pre-release gameplay clip. As the match progresses, Jack keeps the offense going, dropping Sting with a sidewalk slam before stomping him out.

Although "The Icon" tries to battle back, managing to knock his opponent senseless a few times, being in a TLC match with Cactus Jack means you're out of your league — even if you're Sting. The lengthy match ends with Jack trapping Sting in a piledriver, dropping him on his head and getting the pinfall for the win. Bang Bang!

You can watch the entire gameplay match footage below.

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