As 2015 approaches its conclusion, the promise of immersive gaming through virtual reality is getting materialized. With the VR head mounts due for a release on the first half of 2016, game developers are also making their move.

In a blog post dated Oct. 27, Simon Harris, an executive producer at Supermassive games, unveiled Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, an interactive arcade-style shooter game which comes after its August 2015 title release, Until Dawn. Harris explained that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was started whilst still in the middle of the developing Until Dawn and thus, the short interval between titles.

Just like its predecessor, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will also be exclusive to PlayStation. This one however, was developed specifically for the PlayStation VR, formerly known as Project Morpheus.

"We're incredibly excited to be developing for PlayStation VR as this allows us to bring games to the PlayStation 4 with a level of immersion and involvement never before experienced by players," said Harris.

The upcoming title follows the same horror theme and fast-paced arcade shooter-style as the first one. Harris notes that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a descent into madness and will introduce players into the different levels of scares and thrills.

Furthermore, by building from the foundations laid by Until Dawn and expanding it to offer a "compelling gameplay" for VR, the executive producer claims that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood offers gamers will still be able to enjoy the game, but everything will be presented from a "horrifying new perspective." Harris concludes by saying that the game, when played through a VR head mount, is very different experience from just sitting in front of a monitor or TV.

With the immersion that VR head mounts can provide, it's hard not see how scary games can get scarier. It's just sad that no VR head mounts are available for consumers this coming Halloween. Nonetheless, there's always next year.

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