Sick Of Slouching Over Your Computer? Altwork Is A $5,900 Workstation That Lets You Lie Down While You Work


Standing or sitting while working, which one is better in terms of health? The debate seems like it'll last for a long time before anyone concludes anything, not to mention there is no definite proof which one is more conducive to good health. But who needs to choose when California-based startup Altwork is rolling out a workstation where users can work while lying down?

Designed by aerospace engineers, the Altwork Station can be set to a zero-gravity position, but it can also be set to a standing or sitting position. Essentially, it offers any position and can be easily adjusted according to the user's preference. On top of that, the work components are set at a relatively appropriate distance.

"We think being able to move, being able to easily change positions without even thinking about it, is the solution," Che Voigt, CEO and cofounder of Altwork, said.

The makers at Altwork had in mind the comfort of workers who sit for long hours in front of their desks when they designed this.

"Altwork redefines how humans interact with their computers by allowing the computer screen and keyboard to physically conform to the needs of humans in the workplace. Unlike standard desk+chair workstations, high intensity computer users can use the product to sit, stand, focus (recline) and collaborate. In simplest terms, it allows you to work any way you want and the computers seamlessly moves with you, instead of forcing you to conform to it," Altwork posted on its website.

The Altwork Station uses powerful magnets to keep monitors, keyboard, mouses and computers in place. As part of the set, a magnetized remote control lets the user change the station's position.

Priced at $5,900, the "new way to work" station seems a little expensive, but it's almost like all kinds of desks in one. Altwork is also accepting preorders now for "early adopters" at $3,900 or a lock-in early adopter discounted price of $4,900.

With the Altwork Station, you can work as if you're lying down in bed, with a floating monitor and computer, that is. The only problem is that you might fall asleep on it or even never get out of it except for bathroom breaks. But hey, it looks pretty futuristic and comfortable, doesn't it?

Hit up the video below to see the Altwork Station in motion.

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