After the cancellation of NBC's Constantine, fans of the series found themselves disappointed by the news that they would never see Matt Ryan's portrayal of John Constantine ever again.

Fortunately, The CW's Arrow decided to recruit the character to its cause this season, meaning that the wait to see John on television again is finally over with next week's episode of that show.

On next week's episode of Arrow, John arrives in Star City to help Team Arrow with the Sara problem. Two weeks ago, Sara's sister, Laurel, used the Lazarus Pit to raise her sibling from the dead. However, something went terribly wrong: because Sara was dead for such a long time, what came out of the pit was a feral thing that looked like Sara, but was definitely not human.

The team continued to struggle with the Sara issue in this week's episode, but next week, it seems that they've finally found a solution: the Hellblazer himself, John Constantine. This sort of thing is, after all, right up his alley.

In an extended preview released by The CW of next week's episode of Arrow, titled "Haunted," fans can get a good look at John Constantine back in action, after Team Arrow asks him to help Sara. This clip reveals that the problem lies with Sara's soul not being in her body, so it's up to John to make things right with his special brand of black magic.

"What your sister needs is a restoration of her soul to her body," says John in the clip.

Of course, it's likely that things might go wrong, especially when John's involved, but it's sure to make for interesting viewing, as well as provide the most supernatural scenes we've seen so far on Arrow.

Constantine fans are pretty happy about this turn of events, but it's likely this is the last time that the character as portrayed by Ryan appears on television: there are currently no plans to bring him back for future episodes.

After Constantine's cancellation, many fans sent tweets and emails to The CW to pick the series up, but it seems that the network wasn't all that interested, especially since it already has a similar show, Supernatural, on the air and in its 11th season: that show even features a character, Castiel, inspired by the comic book version of John Constantine; even the look of both characters is similar.

Arrow airs on The CW on Wednesdays.

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