Microsoft Skype Update For iPad, iPhone And Android Adds Video Filters For Fun Clips – Check This Out


Microsoft has updated Skype for both Android and iOS devices with new ways for users to express themselves. The features are not out of this world, but they appear fun and interesting.

The new feature Microsoft has added is filters for video messages. It means that Android, iPhone, and iPad users can choose the filters they prefer then hit the record button and send the video off to a friend or family member.

Video filters are not new, but they are new to Skype. New features are something Microsoft needs right now to keep Skype relevant amid growing competition from the likes of other video and instant messaging platforms.

"Get started by tapping the filter wand at the bottom left of the video message window. Choose a filter to see it in action then, when you're ready, hit the record button," notes the Skype Blog. "Add balloons to your video message to celebrate any occasion. If you're feeling goofy, change the appearance of your face to make it look rounder or longer - we love this one! Or, if you're sending a video message showing off your Halloween costume, add some ghosts or use the negative filter to set a spooky mood."

Apart from video filters, Skype has also added support for 3D Touch. Now users can "Force Touch" the Skype icon on their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones to bring up Skype contacts, start a chat or call, among other things.

Skype is the latest in a long list of apps to start supporting 3D Touch on Apple's latest iPhone devices.

In addition to 3D Touch, Skype version 6.5 will also allow iOS and Android users to share contacts with other Skype users, as well as to delete and hide chat messages. The Skype team says these features were requested by users and the new additions show that Microsoft is listening to millions of users who look to Skype on a daily basis.

Skype 6.5 for Android and iOS is available via the Google Play Store and iTunes, respectively.

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