Microsoft has introduced a ton of neat features in its Windows 10 Mobile build 10572, and it's no surprise that the tech firm is rapidly doling out previews, as Windows 10 phones will come in November and Windows 10 Mobile will come to current Windows phones in December.

Following Windows 10 Mobile build 10549, Microsoft is rolling out a build 10572 preview for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring, unveiling missed call notifications, offline maps and Skype integration as well as Cortana, Photos app and storage settings improvements.

"This build has a bunch of great fixes and some very cool new feature additions, and we wanted to give Insiders who really wanted to try it out the opportunity to do so a bit early," Microsoft's Gabe Aul said in a blog post.

Let's start with the missed call notifications. For this feature to work, it needs a PC running build 10565 or higher and a Windows phone running build 10572 sharing the same Microsoft account. When the smartphone registers a missed call, it will send a notification to the PC, which can then be used to reply with a text. Cortana will assist in sending out the reply, not to mention the virtual assistant can be used to text even without a missed call. Say or type in text to activate Cortana and then add the contact's name. Cortana will then take the message and send it via the smartphone.

Next up, let's tackle the offline maps, an in-demand feature requested by Windows Insiders. In this new build, users can now save offline maps to an SD card.

Going over to the Skype integration, the Messaging app has now merged with the Messaging, Phone and Skype video universal Windows apps. Also, it now supports GIF files and a search function for messages. On the mobile version, it can now search for contacts in Call History.

Getting back to Cortana, it can now remind users of film screenings and events as well as book rides with Uber to get to destinations on time, responding to the phrase "book an Uber." Microsoft also noted that Cortana can now set up a ride to airports which Bing recognizes.

Moving on to the Photos app improvements, users can now mark local photos as favorites, and they can now be shuffled on the Live Tile. Additionally, the photo viewer has been improved in terms of zooming performance, and it now gives more detailed file information. Microsoft also added in extra context menus when the user presses and holds on a photo.

And finally, we'll finish things off with the storage settings improvements. With the update, users can now install applications on external storage devices for both platforms. For example, applications can now be installed on an SD card or a USB stick connected to the computer or phone.

Be sure to check out the list of fixed and known issues on Aul's blog post.

The build is coming real soon to Windows Insiders, and we can't wait to see how the new features perform.

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