Because why the heck not, a YouTube user known as "Hacking Jules" has found a way to hack an Android Wear smartwatch to play Nintendo 64 games.

The watch in question is an LG G Watch W100, and Jules used an N64 emulator to get at least two games running on it: Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As you'd expect with such a tiny screen, it doesn't look like the easiest thing to control with virtual buttons on the touchscreen that are almost impossible to see, much less manipulate. Just touching the screen blocks most of it, after all. Battery life is no doubt a major issue, as well.

That said, the games run pretty smoothly on the tiny device, and Jules doesn't seem to have any trouble playing the games. You can see for yourself in the six-minute video below.

In the time since this video went viral, Hacking Jules has uploaded a second one, this one running a PSP emulator. Playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the same LG watch doesn't go quite as well. While the visual fidelity is fine, the game appears to run almost in slow motion.

The PSP emulation video is embedded below the N64 video.

h/t Slashgear

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