Full-Scale R2-D2 Mini-Fridge Can Bring Your Beer To You


If you need an R2-D2 to your C-3PO, then this mini-fridge from Japan might be the closest thing to it: a built-to-scale, remote-controlled icebox version of Star Wars franchise fan favorite. And who, really, can resist an R2-D2 who can hold your snacks, soda and beer? 

According to Engadget's Japanese media division, the self-propelled intergalactic droid (full name AQUA R2-D2) was created by the multinational consumer electronics company Haier Asia. The fridge has more-than-fridge-like capabilities, including Wi-Fi and a projector that can play movies via the average Android.

On top of the AQUA R2-D2's amenities, the droid-like fridge is an almost full-on articulate replica. On top of its faux-holographic projector, AQUA R2-D2 makes the same beeps and boops, and comes complete with the requisite whirring lights.

The only con to this robot full of pros? The actual holding capacity of the AQUA R2-D2 is only a dozen or so aluminum cans. But Star Wars paraphernalia like this always comes at a price, right? With its small storage space, most definitely: the AQUA R2-D2 is priced at ¥998,000, or $9,000 USD.

As of now, the AQUA R2-D2 is available for preorder, with the first shipments due out in December 2015.  

While the inaugural demo of the AQUA R2-D2 was in Japanese, you can check out the recorded presentation of the mini-fridge (or, in this case, mini-fridges) in the video below.


Via: Engadget

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