As everyone who has been watching the World Cup knows, every slight nudge on the field can become the worst possible injury ever, thanks to flopping. One need only look at the body language and the facial expressions of the players involved.

A video production house Fourgrounds Media has made an amusing look at what it would be like if such exaggerated touches were the norm in real life. The short film is called "Everyday Football Fouls."

The short film takes the notion to extreme and humorous lengths, but mirrors much of what has been seen at the World Cup. The video shows people collapsing over even the slightest touch, including one where they don't touch at all.

Scenes between spouses at home, strangers in a supermarket, office workers squaring off, two men at a restaurant and even a group of friends at a bar become absurd examples of the hyperbole of injuries on the pitch. And while there are no changes in ball possession or penalty kicks, one man does get a red card due to his illegal moves.

Thankfully, the video does not have anything as extreme as biting, which was the controversial move Luis Suarez of Uruguay performed against Italy's defender Giorgio Chiellini in a World Cup group game on June 24.

The scenes in the video play out against a soundtrack of the mischievous song "Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg, a piece of classical music that is instantly recognizable from its past uses in film and television. A crowd's angry reaction is even heard near the end.

The short film has already gotten over a million views on YouTube since it went live two days ago.

Fourgrounds Media is a Niagra Video Production company, and is based in Ontario, Canada.

With the World Cup final being held in Rio de Janiero on Sunday, between Germany and Argentina, there will sure to be many terrible, terrible hits and injuries.

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