Watch Snoopy Dance Across Your Selfies With Snapchat Lens


In anticipation of the upcoming Peanuts Movie, the CGI update of Charles M. Schulz's beloved comic strip (and later cherished cartoon) featuring the "lovable loser" Charlie Brown, Snapchat has added a Peanuts-themed lens, including one with Snoopy doing his instantly-recognizable happy dance across your selfie.

Released on Oct. 30, the Peanuts lens also sports Snoopy's Bird-Friday, Woodstock. When a user selects the animated lens and applies it to their selfie, Woodstock dances on the subject's head as candy corn cascades across the screen, while Snoopy dances from one end of the frame to the other; all of this is set to the ditty "Linus and Lucy," more commonly and informally known as "the Peanuts theme song," and penned by composer Vincent Guaraldi and released in December 1965.


If Snapchat users want to use the lens, they better act quickly: as per the photo and video messenger app's new updated feature, animated lenses are switched out for new ones after 24 hours. 

Check out the trailer for the Peanuts Movie below, as well as a little clip of the original animated 2D Snoopy doing a little happy dance.



Via: Mashable

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