Watch The New 'Peanuts' Trailer


There's a reason so many people are excited about the upcoming Peanuts movie: it looks great and it's faithful to the original comic strip -  plain and simple. It's too early to tell if the movie is any good or not - there's plenty that could go wrong while adapting something as beloved as Charlie Brown - but from what fans have seen in the trailers, the new Peanuts movie could be great.

20th Century Fox originally released a holiday trailer back in November, and just a month and a half later, a new trailer has hit the web. That's an awfully fast turnaround, but that could be attributed to the fact that roughly half of the second trailer uses recycled footage from the first one:

Look familiar?

The opening of the trailer looks good, and features more Snoopy than in the previous trailer...but once he takes off, it seems that everything was recycled from the first trailer. The only real difference is that, in the first trailer, Snoopy had a string of Christmas lights dangling from his treehouse; in the second trailer, there's nothing of the sort. Even so, it's hardly breaking new ground.

At the end of the day, it feels a little lazy. Few were expecting to see another trailer so soon, but if Fox is just going to change the opening for each new season, the trailer's going to get boring very quickly...and while it's great to see Snoopy, he's not the only Peanuts character in the movie. What about Lucy, or Linus, or Charlie Brown?

Either way, the trailer still looks great - let's hope that Peanuts is just as good when it makes its debut later this year.

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