Solu Machines is introducing a one-of-a-kind type of computer, dubbed Solu, via a Kickstarter campaign. Solu is a touchscreen, cloud-connected mini PC, measuring only 4.5 inches square which users can use akin to a tablet or a smartphone.

This new device, which Solu Machines calls the world's smallest computer, can be used at home and on the go.

What makes this new device fascinating is when users connect it to a monitor and keyboard, Solu transforms into a touchpad which can be used to communicate on a desktop on a bigger display.

Specs-wise, this mini-computer comes equipped with 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi adapter and a Bluetooth 4.0. It promises to offer a notable 1,200 mAh battery. It also rocks a nifty USB Type-C port which has a dual purpose: for charging and for connecting to an external display with the use of an HDMI adapter.

What's more, the developer boasts Solu bolsters a sharp 1,440 x 1,440 pixel display and a 4 GB of RAM. It is worth pointing out Solu is powered by Nvidia Tegra K1.

Albeit the SoluOS is built around Linux, a rumor mill is churning, suggesting the device also touts the power to run Android applications along with the integrated collaborative document-editing tools.

In the meantime, the developer boasts with SoluOS, users be given a way to share applications and documents. They can likewise work co-cooperatively with this OS.

Cloud-Linked Computer

Solu is deemed as an advanced cloud-connected small computer.

"You will never again need to worry about your hard drive, file backups or software installations - Solu does it for you," touts the developer. "Yet, Solu also works offline, synchronizing your data as soon as you're connected to the Internet."


The device can be grabbed via Kickstarter for €349, or around $384, as compared to its eventual retail price of €388 ($437), but only until Nov. 14. Shipments will commence kick off on May 2016. Interestingly, this steep price comes with three months of free access to Solu's cloud platform.

Nonetheless, people who are agog in getting their hands on this new device should need to fork €749, or about $825, out of their pockets for them to get the early version of the device by January.

There's a catch, though: using Solu practically requires that users will need to sign-up for its cloud storage subscription. Users will need to splurge $19 per month for a 2 TB of storage and should burn $49 every month should they require more storage (5 TB).

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