A new campaign has made crowdfunding history, and it's not a Veronica Mars fan movie or an Amanda Palmer album that's making a world record: this time, it's a 3D printer that's making headlines. Glowforge, a tech firm that decided to go the true self-starter route in raising money to fund its 3D laser printer, has raised more money than any other campaign within a 30-day period, raking in over $25 million to date.

Glowforge first debuted its 3D printer at the World Maker Faire in New York earlier this year, and subsequently made an impression, winning three Make Editors Choice Awards. Soon after, on Sept. 24, it began a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of raising around $100,000 so that the company would meet the necessary requirements to place a factory order and get production underway. 

In an official statement released by the innovative tech company, Glowforge CEO and co-founder Dan Shapiro emphasized his incredulity at the printer's popularity, as well as his gratitude:

"We are blown away ... I was optimistic that this might even be a million­ dollar campaign. We hit that in the first day. We're now getting pre­orders for a Glowforge every minute. We hoped that our vision of a simple device that could print anything from furniture to handbags to sushi would get people excited. We had no idea people would be this excited. Now, with the campaign just about over, the only thing that matters to us is delighting our customers with a product that's even better than they were expecting, as quickly as we can.

As of now, Glowforge has raised $27,907,995 in preordered units and will begin shipping in early 2016.

Learn more about the Glowforge 3D laser printer in the video below.


Via: Business Wire

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