Police officers in Bismarck, North Dakota are investigating a bag of supposedly trick-or-treat candies that contained prescription medicines a boy received on Halloween. The pills were placed inside a Ziploc bag along with the candies.

Shelby Redmond, the boy's mother, posted a photo of the bag along with warning for other parents to constantly check what their kids get when trick or treating. The police said the bag came from a Bismarck house, but they are uncertain of the exact location.

"Well Bismarck parents check your kids candy bags. We trick or treated 9 houses of people we don't know. 6 located on N 15 between Rosser and Ave B and 3 houses located on N 14th between Hanaford and Boulevard," said Shelby Redmond on her Facebook post with a photo of the bag.

"Tegan received a EZY Dose pill bag containing 4 gummy candies, an antihistamine, acid reflex medication, anti-anxiety medication, type 2 diabetes medication and what looks like a multivitamin," she added.

The boy was not harmed and no other incidents were reported in the area. However, police officers are urging parents to check their kids' Halloween candies to ascertain that no harmful medicines are given.

In Brainerd, Minnesota, a family found a needle-type object in their child's Halloween candy. However, several cases emerged in other locations. In fact, cases of finding needles and even razor blades were reported to Police officers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Parents said they checked the candies given to their children after reading a post online about tampered candies being reported on Halloween. Most cases of candies being tampered with involved sealed and wrapped chocolate bars.

"The police department continues to urge parents to check all candy received prior to ingestion, and people with candy leftover that was not distributed to check it for tampering," Kennett Square Police Department said in a public warning posted on their Facebook page.

There were variations in the way they implanted foreign objects inside candies. Some candies contained needles and razors while in another case in the town of Poughkeepsie, a mother found a pill inserted inside a chocolate bar they got from trick or treating in Poughkeepsie Galleria.

Police all over these affected areas are investigating if the source of these candies is the manufacturer or these were tainted by someone or a group of people. They urge parents to report immediately if they find suspicious looking candies or objects found in their children's Halloween treats.

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