With Marvel's entire comic book line staring down the barrel of a companywide reboot over the next few months, it's only natural that the House of Ideas' grim and gritty TV star gets a facelift as well. This December, a brand-new Daredevil series launches, from writer Charles Soule (Swamp Thing) and artist Ron Garney (Captain America).

A far cry from what writer Mark Waid just did with the character, Soule's new direction looks to embrace Daredevil's roots by returning him back to New York City and putting him to work at the district attorney's office. He'll also be given a new sidekick, appropriately named Blindspot. Here's how Marvel describes the new book:

"It’s a new beginning for Matt Murdock in the all-different Marvel Universe. Back in New York City and practicing law in the District Attorney’s office for the first time – Matt’s day job and night job finally align. Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light…it’s a whole new world for the Man Without Fear. Including the arrival of a new hero he’s taken under his wing. Who is this new hero and where did he come from? Welcome to Hell, Blindspot. Hope you survive the experience!"

While Waid's run was seen by some to be a lighter, more swashbuckling adventure book, Soule and Garney look to bring some darkness back to the Man Without Fear ... literally. Sporting a new black and red costume, Ol' Horn Head's new duds look like the perfect marriage between his classic comic reds and Netflix's black ninja outfit.

Tights aside, this new take on Daredevil is notable for another reason: Charles Soule is actually a licensed attorney. That means all of that lawyer-speak you read will be as authentic as a college lecture, just without the hefty price tag and a touch more spandex.

Take a look at some of the preview art from Daredevil #1 below:

And here is a look at the array of variant covers for the debut issue, if you're into that sort of thing:

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