This Emoji Keyboard Could Speed Up Your Emoji Typing By 10 Times


Do you need an easier and quicker way to send emoji? Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, but Austin-based company EmojiWorks has created a physical computer keyboard that allows users to type emojis without having to take precious extra seconds to type multiple characters or open a new window.

This might not be the first emoji keyboard ever, with Tom Scott having created a keyboard for emoji using 14 separate keyboards and over 1,000 stickers. This does seem to be, however, the first emoji keyboard that's the size of a standard keyboard and that can be bought.

What makes this keyboard versatile is the fact that you can also use it just to type words, although we can't imagine why you would want to use a keyboard for words. Each key can be used for as many as three emojs, activated by holding down one of the "emoji" keys and then pressing the emoji that you want to use.

So, how much time will this save? Well, according to EmojiWorks, using this keyboard will speed up your emoji typing time by as much as 10 times. Not only that, but the team has also managed to squeeze in the newest round of emoji that was released back in September.

The keyboard itself connects via Bluetooth, and there are three versions, depending on how many emoji you want access to. The basic keyboard costs $79.95 and features 47 emoji, the Keyboard Plus costs $89.95 and features 94 emoji, and the Pro version of the keyboard costs $99.95 and comes with a cool 120 emoji. On top of that, the Plus and Pro versions of the keyboard also feature skin tone modifier keys, enabling users to have access to even more emoji.

The emoji keyboard could certainly become popular — according to Swyft Media, 74 percent of U.S. citizens regularly use emojis, emoticons or stickers.

You can preorder the EmojiWorks keyboard from the EmojiWorks website.

Via: The Next Web

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