Leah Remini released her book "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology" on Nov. 2 and her book doesn't disappoint when it comes to dishing out juicy details about how the Church of Scientology works and her interactions with the church's most renowned member: Tom Cruise.

Everyone has heard of Remini's split from the Scientology in 2013 but, while Remini says that she left the faith, the Church of Scientology claims that she was expelled and that her book is nothing more than a revisionist history. What do we know so far about Scientology, according to Remini?

Tom Cruise is spoiled
It's not just in his own home but in the church itself. Remini said that whenever Cruise arrived at the Celebrity Center at the Church of Scientology, the whole building would be locked down and everyone else would be asked to wait elsewhere until Cruise is finished with his business there. Likewise, anything that a member says or does that Cruise could possibly be offended with is taken as an affront to Scientology itself.

Scientology became a dating service for Tom Cruise
When Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz split after dating for three years, Scientology stepped in and tried to stop Cruise's depression by screening "suitable" girlfriends for the A-list celebrity.

Everyone is a snitch
All the members are required to write what they call Knowledge Reports, which is basically snitching on their co-members. It doesn't matter if it's a friend or family, if a member says or does something that is not in line with the church's policy, a member should immediately write up a report to make the person in question answer for his or her misdeeds.

Auditing is a thing
While Scientology can also be synonymous with huge amounts of money, the auditing here is something like a psychological auditing. Anyone who was mentioned in Knowledge Reports are required to show up for a Truth Rundown, which is the auditing session where every knowledge report is examined in front of the offending member until they crack and confess that they were at fault.

An enemy of Scientology is an enemy of all Scientologists, no exceptions
Once a member leaves the church for whatever reason, they are labeled as a "Suppressive Person" or SP and it is the church's policy that all members must cut ties with them as well, even if they are family or their closest friend because they are now considered an enemy of the church.

Well, we're sure the Remini versus Scientology battle will continue but one thing is for sure: Katie Holmes already apologized to Remini for the things she did when she was steeped in Scientology herself. "I regret having upset Leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future," Holmes said in a statement.

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