This past week, Amazon has launched what many analysts and observers say is a major challenger to Box and Dropbox in the cloud file storage sector. The new service is being dubbed Zocalo and will allow users to share files on any and all types of devices, says the company in what should help the online retailer diversify as it branches out into new arenas.

For only $5 a month, users will have access to 200GB of storage and will not be bogged down with other software requirements to use Zocalo.

Those companies already using Amazon's WorkSpaces will receive a free storage space of 50GB, or they can choose to upgrade to the full 200GB for a reduced price of $2 a month. WorkSpaces allows employees to have full and complete access to Windows 7 in the cloud and can be managed and accessed from any device.

Zocalo is being seen as a move by Amazon into the more mainstream general population similar to Box and Dropbox do currently. WorkSpaces, while somewhat popular, has been utilized mainly by IT professionals, so Zocalo could be Amazon's move into the more mainstream arena.

Observers are already optimistic on what Zocalo has to offer.

"Users of similar solutions will find Zocalo intuitive. It has a desktop and mobile UI but also, like the competitors, integrates with local storage such that users can have a local shared folder which is synced with their Zocalo drive," writes Ben Kepes.

He does say, however, that Zocalo cannot sync folders within a "nested folder structure." This means that the service will be in need of updating in the near future as it only "works across the file name and metadata, there is no searching within the actual file content."

The cloud sharing sector is growing rapidly and with Amazon recently pushing out into new arenas, including the launch of its first smartphone the Amazon Fire 3D, the company is looking to continue its move into new areas and the cloud seems natural.

By adding Zocalo, and the positive reviews in its early development coming in, Amazon is likely to see itself moving forward on these new platforms that could help make it a major player in the tech world outside the online retail market.

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