Apple said that sales of the Apple Watch went beyond expectations although the company is yet to reveal exact figures. Marc Newson, the London-based designer who helped design the Apple Watch, believes that the wearable has been enormously successful but frowns on the impatience shown by analysts and consumers alike.

In an interview conducted by AFR Magazine, Newson expressed how everyone should be realistic enough not to expect too much for the smart watch to catch the attention of consumers as an overnight affair.

"As far as I'm aware, it's been enormously successful however you gauge it," said Newson. "The point is, it's the beginning of something. I think people, consumers or analysts, whoever, are so impatient. Everyone wants immediate, instants recognition, instant understanding."

Newson originally hails from Australia and is the country's best known designer, with clients such as Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc and Qantas Airways credited to his name. He started working as a part-time employee in Apple last year and was tasked to handle special projects. Together with his friend Jonathan Ive, the chief design officer at Apple, Newson played an important role in designing the wearable in April.

Newson's comments on the wearable suggest the company's frustration on rumors that unlike the iPhone, the Apple Watch seemed to lack some level of success. However, it should be noted that when the iPhone launched in 2007, it also had its share of disbelievers in the beginning. Then again, it didn't take long for the device to finally win the hearts of the majority of consumers.

"Look at the iPhone: it was a game-changing thing," added Newson. "And I believe that this product - for many, many reasons people are not aware of because they haven't thought ahead or they just don't know - will become a similarly game-changing thing. In five years' time I have absolutely no doubt this will be right up there."

While there are still some who adhere to the old cliché "time flies so fast," the mere mention of the words "five years" have left others to feel all the more worried of the wearable's fate.

In another interview, this time conducted by CNBC, Eric Migicovsky, Pebble's CEO, said that the Apple Watch is no doubt more like a luxury device as opposed to being a consumer item.

"We've actually seen no material impact from Apple entering the space on our sales," said Migicovsky. "In fact we're selling two (times) the amount this year than we were last year. [Apple is] very focused on being the Rolex or the (Tag Heuer) of smartwatches...we are trying to be the Swatch of smartwatches."

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