Chronos Disc Makes Any Timepiece A Smartwatch


So, you bought a high-fashion watch before the deluge of smartwatches that have hit the market and now you regret the purchase — well, don't.

Chronos might be the solution. Under three mm (0.12 inches) thin and 33 mm (1.3 inches) in diameter, the Chronos disc fits onto the back of over 80 percent of watches, making any watch a smartwatch. When fit onto the back of your watch — via the company's micro-suction technology — Chronos helps your ordinary timepiece deliver fitness tracking and curated notifications.

Although Chronos doesn't zap text messages to your watch, allowing you to respond with your voice — the way the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S2 do — the technology and its accompanying app (compatible with Android and iOS devices) does allow everything from managing your notifications by finding and prioritizing your most vital contacts to syncing activity data with your fitness apps and perhaps the best function of the technology, gesture control.

The Chronos disc's gesture control allows users to control their smartphones with mere taps and gestures that can be used to skip or silence calls and even skip music tracks as well. The Chronos disc also boasts 36 hours of battery life, can be wirelessly charged and is Bluetooth-compatible. It also has a built-in accelerometer. 

Since the disc micro-suctions onto the back of a watch, it's non-adhesive and won't leave your wrist with any sticky residue.

Chronos can be preordered for a special price of $79 on the company's site. The question is, do you invest in this technology to rejuvenate your watch or spring for a smartwatch altogether?

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