Ads are coming to your Apple TV, as AppLovin announced that its software development kit (SDK) is coming to the tvOS platform. The company has been a contributing force that shapes how in-app ads appear on your mobile device, and now that expertise is being brought to the Apple TV.

AppLivin aims to launch the SDK this month to allow developers to plug ads into their tvOS apps on the Apple TV platform and begin the monetizing process. We find this interesting because the ads on Apple TV have been limited mostly to commercials similar to Hulu's pre-roll.

"A fantastic platform and consumer experience are only part of the equation in a functional app ecosystem. Developers who innovate on the platform need to be able to monetize, and advertisers need the ability to reach the users that grow their own businesses," according to the AppLovin blog.

AppLovin has developed its reputation on mobile platforms through delivering ads based on consumer preference, these are called targeted ads. Since the Apple TV is a different beast altogether, it should be interesting to see if the company can do the same there.

AppLovin will likely focus on games a lot since it is and has always been an attractive target for large-scale advertising. This is due in part to the amount of time consumers spend playing video games on their mobile device, but will they do the same on the Apple TV?

According to the company, it is pinning its hopes on developers who are capable of innovating the Apple TV platform, since they are the ones who can have consumers returning for more. In turn, whis would allow the App Store to flourish. When this happens, monetization is a very easy process.

MobilityWare CEO Jeff Erle stated that his company will take advantage of the platform when the AppLovin SDK for tvOS is released, although he did not detail which of the company's many games will use it.

Photo: Mike Deerkoski | Flickr

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