Pebble Time Round Smartwatch Is Great, But Its App Ecosystem Needs Some Work


The latest Pebble smartwatch is called the Time Round. It is the second smartwatch the company has released to the market in six months and the third for the year.

The watch will officially go on sale next week for a cool price of $249.99, which makes it cheaper than most smartwatches.

Several critics have gotten the chance to test the mettle of the Pebble Time Round to see if it can stand on the same level as the Apple Watch and the wide array of Android Wear devices.

From what we have gathered, the device is pretty good, but it comes with its own share of problems that may or may not be an issue for some.

Engadget claims that when it comes down to the look and feel of the Pebble Time Round, it comes off as a regular wristwatch — great for those who want a smartwatch but not something that stands out like a swollen forehead.

Battery life is also better than that of most smartwatches, but this is due to Pebble's decision to use e-paper screens instead of LCD. It also means the display of the Time Round is not as vibrant as the Apple Watch's screen.

Users should get at least 48 hours out of the device, which is far better when compared to the 24- or 18-hour battery life most smartwatches have delivered over the years.

When it comes down to the app store, TechCrunch claims it is not yet ready for prime time due to the limited number of apps available. What's interesting here is the fact that most Pebble apps that work well on other Pebble devices do not work properly with the Time Round. This is certainly something that needs to be addressed in a future update.

As for who the Pebble Time Round is for, Mashable is placing it more along the lines of a female-centric smartwatch. This is understandable due to the design, but that doesn't mean men should not give it a spin as well.

Overall, all reviewers agree on one thing: the Pebble Time Round may be a great smartwatch, but its app ecosystem could be a drawback. The gadget needs to widen its app ecosystem if it wants to play in the big league, but it's likely just a matter of time.

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