This season of Once Upon A Time saw Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) become the Dark One. With that title also comes a dark plan that Emma has for the citizens of both Storybrooke and Camelot.

However, until now, viewers haven't seen exactly what that plan entails: although part of it revolved around reuniting Excalibur with the Dark One dagger to make the sword whole again.

This week's episode saw Emma restore Excalibur, but what does it mean for everyone? What sort of power does the mythical store hold in store now that Emma has ignored Merlin's original warning to leave it alone?

A new preview for next week's two episode special, "Birth" and "The Bear King," teases that fans will soon learn about Emma's dark plans. It also states that a new revelation will split the world of Once Upon A Time like never before. Does that have something to do with everyone's lost memories? In the clip, Emma asks Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue), who still professes his love to her, if he "really wants to know the truth." Perhaps it's that truth that shakes things up next week.

The title of the ninth episode of season five, "The Bear King," refers to the father of Merida (Amy Manson) which viewers will finally meet next week. As previously stated, though, Merida's father is now dead, so those scenes are flashbacks, although they take place ten years after events from the Disney film Brave.

"She's got a great, strong friendship with her mother, and also with her father," said Manson to Entertainment Weekly. "Episode nine actually goes in flashbacks from present day DunBroch, and then back to before her dad was killed. We find out during episode nine why and who killed her father."

This leads Merida to teaming up with Red (Meghan Ory) and Mulan (Jamie Chung) in a future episode, too.

"Mulan and Merida are similar characters in that sense, very strong women who fight for what they believe in," said Manson. "You'll find out how she's met Mulan in flashbacks in that episode 9. She's actually known Mulan for quite a number of years. And then, in the present day, she goes to speak to Mulan and asks for her help on another journey."

Catch two episodes back to back of Once Upon A Time on Sunday, November 15, on ABC.

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