Will this season of Once Upon A Time finally feature that romance between Mulan and Aurora that the series has teased since Mulan's first appearance in season two? All signs point to yes, at least according to statements made by those closest to the TV series' production.

First, Once Upon A Time executive producer Adam Horowitz recently tweeted the return of actress Jamie Chung back to the series. Chung plays Mulan, friend to Aurora, although scenes between the two suggest that Mulan feels more than friendship for the princess.

The likelihood of the two getting together this season, though, also looks better, thanks to new reports that this season will feature a same-sex romance.

"We know that [the LGBT] community has been a big supporter of the show, and we would love to be able to tell a love story that reflects that," said executive producer Eddy Kitsis at a press screening, as reported by TV Line.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the same-sex romance will involve Mulan and Aurora, and of course, Horowitz and Kitsis refuse to give up any spoilers.

"We want the show to reflect the world as it is now," said Horowitz. "Whether that's going to be with any particular character, we're not going to say."

The last time we saw Mulan on the series was in season three during the episode "Quite a Common Fairy." In that episode, Aurora announced her pregnancy with Prince Philip, after which Mulan left Aurora to join Robin Hood's Merry Men.

Although Horowitz confirmed Chung as returning this season, there's no word if actress Sarah Bolger (Aurora) joins her. The last time we saw Bolger on the series was on last season's "Enter the Dragon" episode.

Aurora and Mulan are the obvious candidates for the same-sex relationship, given their history and fans requesting on seeing their friendship develop into romance, but we won't know for sure until Once Upon A Time returns to television Sept. 27 on ABC.

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