Through a partnership with verification service Authy, Twitch has provided its own users with two-factor authentication to make their accounts more secure.

The common authentication approach confirms a user's identity using two factors, a phone number and a password in this case. Users happy with using a password to identify themselves on Twitch can continue to do so, if they so choose.

Two-factor authentication is "100 percent voluntary," says Twitch. "If you don't enable it, you'll still be able to log in with your password as usual. However, if you'd like some additional protection, we encourage you to enable [it]."

Also optional is the use of Authy. Twitch users can download the Authy app to securely set up and fall back on two-factor authentication, but they can also simply use text messaging for security updates.

"Simply add Twitch to your Authy account, and you'll receive a push notification with your verification code rather than a text message that come with fees from your mobile carrier," Twitch says. "Authy allows you to bypass those potential fees and manage all your two-factor authenticated sites in one place."

To step up the protection on a Twitch account, navigate to the Settings menu's Security section and then select the option labeled "Enable Two-Factor Authentication." From there, it's just a matter of entering credentials, a Twitch password and a phone number, and then entering the verification code issue via text or Authy.

Two-factor authentication is big news. But for some, the bigger Twitch news may be the return of Bob Ross to the streaming video network.

The most famously known for his PBS show, "The Joy of Painting", which he created and hosted. Twitch is hosting weekly Bob Ross marathons, during which it'll stream episodes of the inspirational painter's TV show.

The last Bob Ross marathon, launch in order of the late painter's birthday, attracted 5.6 million unique viewers who accumulated a total of 545,880,000 minutes watched. So Twitch is making it a regular thing. It'll broadcast episodes of the show on the Bob Ross channel from 3 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. PT every Monday.

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