Wearable tech is becoming a trend, but it is not just for adults anymore. VTech has launched a smartwatch for kids.

The Kidizoom smartwatch is a new development for the electronic toymaker. It takes photo and video and is aimed at children ages 3 to 9.

According to reports, the recently launched watch product will be available for $60. VTech has had a successful run in manufacturing tech toys that offer tools to help children learn. This product is no exception.

The watch features a colorful 1.4-inch touch screen with a built in camera for video and photos as well as four builit-in games to play. Also, a built in mic enables kids to capture their voice and play with settings to alter the sound playback. There is also access to VTech's Learning Lodge app store, according to recent reports.

The watch also features the same great features that all watches do. It tells the time, for starters. It also features a stopwatch and alarm clock. Kids can choose from 50 different watch faces, both analog and digital.

The Kidizoom smartwatch is also said to be able to withstand drops, sweat, liquid splashes and bumps. These are impressive features for a toy. Wearables weren't originally intended to be toys, rather as utilities. However, as one report insightfully points out, smartwatches haven't exactly reached the levels of fanfare their manufacturers were hoping for. Their interest from adults is rather limited at the moment.

VTech is also not the only company to invest in wearables for the younger crowd. LeapFrog released a similar device in April. However, LeapFrog's Leapband was a rather simple device, only monitoring a child's activities. As another report indicates, another manufacturer has also meandered into the smartwatch for kids territory. The source reports that the new VTech product is similar in design to the Filip Wearable Smart Locator and Phone for Kids released this year as well.

Its rubber exterior is meant to fit the rugged and unpredictable life of a child. Differing from the Filip, it does not feature any phone or locator functions. The watch comes in blue, green and white, according to reports.

The camera, which is located at the top of the face can handle 640x480 photo shooting or 320x240/160x120 video shooting at 15 frames per second. Those photos or videos can then be downloaded to a PC or Mac. There is a mini USB 2.0 port on the Kidizoom. There is 128 MB of internal memory on the device.

Some have argued that the device will be a distraction for developing children.

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