Things keep heating up in Gotham, even after last night's episode that saw crazy Barbara (Erin Richards) going way over the line. And that proverbial line is a theme this season, with next week's episode showing Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) trying to determine how far over the line he can go without succumbing to becoming one of the bad guys.

In a preview of next week's episode, Jim dances on that line, finding himself pulled farther down into the spiral that began with the man he killed for Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) earlier this season. The preview starts with Jim holding a gun in the mouth of someone, so it's obvious that events this season have taken him over the edge.

Of course, Captain Barnes doesn't see a line, and says as such in the cip. To him, only two extremes exist: good and evil. As he says in the preview, "There is no line, only the law." Of course, this will likely continue to get Jim in hot water with the GCPD.

But what about Barbara? In last night's episode, she fell out of a window, but even that wasn't enough to kill her.

"Well, she's fallen out of a window and is in critical condition," said Richards to The Hollywood Reporter. "Which is trouble for her. There is something very fun that happens in episode 13."

Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) has also fallen down the rabbit hole, embracing the insanity that will eventually lead him to become Riddler. The preview shows a scene where Nygma and Penguin work together.

"What is going to be really fun is as Edward becomes engaged into the crime culture of Gotham, the people he gets enthusiastic about starts to shift," said Smith to Newsarama. "Work was the thing that I loved and the people I loved were at work. Now, or in the future, work can be a dangerous place to because I am a criminal, though unintentionally, so that's not a happy comfortable place. How I behave there will be changing very quickly and the fun thing about the Riddler is that he's such a joyful villain, but the joy is found in other ways and the type that people start to be attracted to."

Smith also recently teased on Twitter during a Q&A session that fans upset over the departure of Cameron Monaghan's Jerome (who many believed would become the Joker) that a return of the character to Gotham City was likely, although the show went out of its way to make him seem very dead. Of course, this is TV, and dead characters come back to life all the time, something Smith pointed out.

Gotham airs on Fox on Mondays.

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