Fallout 4 was sure to be a smashing success even before its release. Barely after a day since its launch, Bethesda's sure-to-be best seller for 2015 is smashing records, too.

Due to time differences around the world, some players had to wait a little while longer to get their piece of Fallout 4 action (even though some resorted to using VPN's to gain early access to the game). By now, everyone who's wanted to play the game has most likely began exploring wide open-world apocalypse that is Fallout.

As of this writing, Steam's records show that Fallout 4 continues to be the top game on the digital game store in terms of current players. At one point, a high of 444,825 people were out in the wasteland besting other concurrent user records from set by previous titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Bethesda's own Skyrim from 2011.

So far with an average of a little over 200,000 gamers at any given time of the day playing the game, Fallout 4's current peak of 444,825 players simultaneously playing at one time beats Grand Theft Auto V's previous number of 360,000, becoming the new record holder of most concurrent players on Steam. Then, GTA V incidentally broke the same record previously held by Skyrim which amassed as many as 280,000 players at one time.

It's just been a day or so since the release of Fallout 4 and it's already broken GTA V's record. It took the same around three days to beat Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim when it launched on Windows.

There is a caveat to Fallout 4's record breaking success, however. Its record only covers games not developed by Valve (which manages the Steam platform). If Valve's games are to be included, they would easily foreshadow Fallout's numbers.

The two most popular games on Steam, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2, routinely top the charts where around 500,000 people can be found playing the game. At their peak, both Counter-Strike and Dota had highs of 820,000 and 1.26 concurrent million players, respectively.

Nonetheless, there's plenty of gaming time left for Fallout 4's numbers to inch up a bit more until the year's next biggest game - Star Wars Battlefront - hits store shelves at the same time as "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens."

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