This Is How You Can Play As Bigfoot In 'Grand Theft Auto V'


At long last, players of Grand Theft Auto V have discovered how to transform into the legendary Sasquatch.

But it sure as heck isn't easy. As recently discovered by rkRusty on Reddit, becoming Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, requires a ton of running around Los Santos.

First, players must have completed 100 percent of the game, but not a true 100 percent — meaning players don't need to have earned gold medals on all missions and don't need to have completed all the strangers/freak missions.

Next, players must have spared Sasquatch in "The Last One" mission, which involves Franklin helping a hunter find the mythical creature.

Then comes the hard part. The ability to transform into Sasquatch spawns in the form of a "peyote," named after the hallucinogenic cactus. The catch is that this peyote only spawns on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8 a.m. and the weather must be either foggy (if you are playing on PC) or snowy (if you are playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4). If you've discovered the other 27 peyote plants in the game – a major task in and of itself, mind you – you'll then be able to consume "the golden peyote," which transforms the player character in Sasquatch himself.

Not that the player really becomes Sasquatch. It's all just a hallucination, as with all the other peyotes that transform players into various animals. When the effects of the golden peyote wear off, the player character will then be shown standing over the plant vomiting. Fun!

A bad case of the throw-ups is a small price to pay in exchange for being able to roam Los Santos as Bigfoot himself, though. In case you are wondering, it took a whole lot of digging around in the game's files to discover this secret.

The creature was long rumored to be in GTA: San Andreas, though Rockstar eventually confirmed that the beast didn't exist. But for GTA V, Rockstar thought it would be fun to include Bigfoot as a nod to those players who simply wouldn't give up in San Andreas, and, well, here we are. Now players can actually become Sasquatch. We truly live in exciting times.

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