Autonomously riding in style.

Google recently invited artists in California to submit artwork based on the theme, "my community, my neighbors." After getting a deluge of submissions, the tech giant selected 10 winning pieces of art and two honorable mentions that will appear on its prototype self-driving vehicles in Mountain View, CA. as part of its Paint The Town initiative.

The winning pieces depict everything from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to going green and even the dazzling view of the sunset from Highway 101. Pretty creative. What's best is Google also allowed the winning artists to explain their work and the meaning behind it.

Danielle Dufayet, from San Jose, described her artwork as: "A community is made up of individuals who communicate with one another. In my piece, Talk of the Town, the birds epitomize the connection we all share in communicating about things that matter to us where we live. Some of our thoughts and feelings may seem trivial sometimes but sharing them with one another makes us feel alive and connected to each other. It is, ultimately, our stories that bring us closer and make each one of us feel like we matter. To speak and to listen to each other is at the heart of a thriving community and neighborhood."

Here's a look at her winning submission.

And about the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk winning submission, artist Kerrie Brandau described her work as: “My artwork, Giant Dipper, is a painting of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and is an iconic image for anyone that lives or has grown up in the Bay Area. This painting makes people smile with warm memories of summer days in Santa Cruz. A real community icon.”

To see all the winning submissions that will roll their way onto the streets via Google's self-driving cars, click here.

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