We've known early on that certain NPC characters (like the robot Codsworth) in Fallout 4 would actually say the name of the player character, as opposed to simply referring to the player as the generic "Sir" or "Ma'am".

While Bethesda assured fans that hundreds of recorded names would make their way into the game, Bethesda has left it up to fans to discover which names made the cut. Thanks to some digging in the game's files, it now looks like we have our answer.

To list each and every name would take far too long, but know that most common names made the cut, as have a number of names from pop culture. Katniss from the Hunger Games makes the list, as do names like Ripley (from the Alien series), Neo (from The Matrix), Akira (from the anime film of the same name) Furiosa (from Mad Max: Fury Road) and Mulder from X-Files.

For less serious players, there are a number of joke names as well (most of them breast related) that are pretty amusing when said out loud by a prim and proper robotic butler. Some of the names aren't names at all, like "Nuclear" and "Slaughter".

Having a character state your actual custom character name is a treat you don't often get to see in RPG games, so it's nice to see Bethesda went the extra mile to include it. You can check out the full list of names here. For more Fallout 4 goodness, be sure to check out our guides on how to build a great settlement and find this legendary laser rifle.

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