Tinder users who are still looking for the perfect romantic match could soon find their luck improve with the update that the company is making to the dating app.

The company said that it will be making changes to the dating app's algorithm, which would significantly increase users' chances to find a matches. In addition, the app will also receive new messaging features and Smart Profiles.

Similar to most dating apps in the market, Tinder utilizes algorithms to find out which profiles users see as they browse through the app. With the update, the app will look at a wider range of data to detect which profiles to show the user. According to Tinder, this results in improved matches and higher compatibility.

"We are looking at more data signals and, with machine learning, we are getting smarter at optimizing those signals when we're looking at relevance for individuals," said Sean Rad, the CEO of Tinder, in an email to Mashable.

The company, however, did not detail the factors that the new algorithm will consider, but part of the change is the addition of education and job information, which can be acquired from Facebook profiles.

Tinder will also feature Smart Profiles, which will dynamically highlight the most relevant information about potential matches. Details such as sharing a common friend or having the same alma mater will now be shown on a users' profiles.

According to Rad, the snippets for the Smart Profile feature are dynamic - changing as users match with different users. The algorithm will take what it determines to be the most pertinent information and floats it to the front page of the potential match.

The Tinder app update will also introduce a revamped messaging section that separates messages sent to new matches and old contacts.

"We're sure these updates will make swiping even better and will lead to more meaningful matches," Tinder said in the blog post that detailed the changes.

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