Tinder has made the Super Like available worldwide, allowing Tinder user everywhere to send a more meaningful expression than the ordinary right swipe. The company hopes to redefine the modern dating culture with the new feature.

The Super Like makes matches easier. When someone doles out the more-expressive swipe, the recipient will be able to see a special badge when they come across the sender in their feed. Also, the Super Like can only be sent out once a day, and the strict limitation was intended so that users will be extra careful in using it, resulting in more meaningful matches. However, Tinder Plus users get five of these affection bombs.

Tinder collaborated with Culprit Creative to present a short film about the Super Like, essentially explaining the feature's potential effect on the Tinder dating scene.

In early September, Tinder first tried the Super Like in Australia, and based on the company's report, it was a complete success, as conversations were 70 percent longer and matches had a higher chance to happen.

"So much of the things we have in the ecosystem are centered around the idea that men are initiators," Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder, explained. "What we didn't anticipate is that this has become a tool where women can initiate in a lighthearted way."

With the Super Like, Rad hopes to change Tinder's reputation of being nothing but a hook-up app, causing people to compete on who can have more sex. When Vanity Fair lashed at the dating app, suggesting it as the starter of the "dating apocalypse," Rad became determined to reshape it.

When Chris Payne's short-lived time as Tinder CEO was up, Rad had the enormous responsibility to return as CEO.

The popular dating app is going to get even more improvements in the future because Rad is back in control. More than just extra features, Tinder users can also expect the app to get a different environment soon.

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