Xbox One backwards compatibility is finally here! At long last, players can play more than 100 Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One. We've known for a while that DLC associated with backwards compatible games would also be making the jump, but it's been a little unclear exactly how it would all work.

Now Microsoft (via Game Informer) sheds some light on Xbox 360 DLC running on Xbox One. It's actually painfully simple. If you already own DLC for one of the backwards compatible games, like Mass Effect, for example, then you should find it will automatically download alongside the game.

If you need to manage your 360 DLC, you'll have to find the specific game it's for in your "My Games and Apps" library and click "Manage Game". This should bring up a list of all the DLC you own for a given game, giving you the option to uninstall or install it at your leisure.

It's as simple as that. If, however, you want to purchase DLC for a given 360 game, you'll need to purchase it on an actual Xbox 360 or through The Xbox One may emulate the 360 dashboard, but it so far cannot emulate the 360 storefront, which is separate from that of the Xbox One.

The fact that DLC will carry over is great news for fans who have purchased story driven DLC for their favorite titles, or those who are dedicated players of certain multiplayer shooters. Having to repurchase, or simply being unable to access, DLC would have been a major bummer, so it's nice to see Microsoft was able to deliver.

All future free Xbox 360 games as part of Xbox Live's Games with Gold program will be backwards compatible on the Xbox One from here on out, which should give plenty of gamers a reason to use the new feature. You can check out this month's free games here.

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