The Best 'Fallout 4' Easter Eggs So Far


Fallout is known for many things: black comedy, power armor, Super Mutants, the post-apocalypse, a tree named Harold.

It may sound like a hodge-podge of different tropes, and yet, it all comes together so well that it's hard not to love. Sure, it seems eclectic, but it's also a part of what makes Fallout so instantly recognizable.

Of course, the series is also known for its massive scope. It's not just about how big the map itself is, either: Bethesda's Fallout games are so intricately detailed that most players will never find everything that the games have to offer. Because of this, Bethesda can go absolutely nuts with the secrets and extras — and Fallout 4 continues the series tradition of some amazing Easter eggs.

The game may have only launched a few days ago, but dedicated fans are already ferreting out a wealth of hidden extras left by the developers. Out of all the Easter eggs that have been found so far, these were our favorites — and knowing Bethesda, these seven are just the tip of the iceberg.

What's in a Name?

As in any Fallout game, one of the first things players will do in Fallout 4 is pick a name and build a character. Of course, most people wouldn't expect there to be a number of Easter eggs planted in the middle of the character creation screen.

After talking with the Vault Tec rep at the beginning of the game, you'll be asked to give your character a name. Entering any one of the 900+ pre-programmed names will allow Codsworth to call you by name instead of the generic "sir" or "mum"... and quite a few of those names are references to comic books, movies or even Bethesda employees. On top of all that ... well, let's just say that Codsworth doesn't always censor himself.

The G.O.A.T. Returns

There's a good chance that players will stumble onto a town named "Covenant" relatively early on in the game. It can be a great pit stop on the way to Diamond City, acting as a middle point between the start of the game and continuing the story ... but you'll have to get in first.

Upon arriving, a man named Swanson will administer a test — one that supposedly determines whether or not someone is fit for entry into the town. However, fans of Fallout 3 will find that the test is awfully familiar — that's because it's actually the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test, otherwise known as the GOAT, and it's the exact same test that players took to determine their initial skill point bonuses during Fallout 3′s intro.

The UFO and Alien Blaster

Aliens have been a part of Fallout ever since their cameo appearance in the original game, and they've returned in Fallout 4. Truth be told, the alien may be a bit tougher to find than other Easter eggs — mostly because its appearance is random. Many players have claimed that completing the "Vault 75" quest helps the ship appear (and then crash), though it's not necessary. One way or another, you'll know that the ship has crashed when you find the "Garbled Radio" station on your Pip-Boy.

Once the alien gibberish is blasting through your Pip-Boy speakers, travel to the Oberland Station settlement and head east — you'll find a crashed UFO half-buried and surrounded by fire. You'll find a number of the green blood splatters on the ground: if you follow the trail of blood, it'll lead you to a nearby unmarked cave. Once inside, you'll find the wounded alien — though he won't be happy to see you. Take him out and claim his Alien Blaster for yourself!

A Game Inside a Game

Skill magazines are nothing new to Fallout ... though they're quite a bit different in Fallout 4. Instead of raising a few skill points here and there, skill magazines can give players an entirely new perk — and some come with a little extra bonus.

It's hard not to see the parallels between the Pip-Boy and modern-day smartphones ... and what would a smartphone be without a few games?

Included with some skill magazines are special holotapes, and each contains the Fallout universe's take on classic arcade games. Everything from Donkey Kong ("Red Menace") to Missile Command ("Atomic Command") are playable right on your in-game Pip-Boy — you'll just have to find them first.

A Bigger Boat

Water has always been a problem in Fallout. Not only is it horribly irradiated, but sea creatures aren't immune to the effects of radiation — just take a look at the crab-like Mirelurks.

That being said, the Mirelurks aren't the only irradiated sea life in Fallout 4 ...

While exploring the coastline, you may come across a number of mutated, dolphin-like creatures. If you head a little further out (the point on the map is in the picture above), you can come across a scene that's eerily reminiscent of Quint's death from Jaws. Guess they really did need a bigger boat.


Where's the best place to hide an Easter egg? In plain sight, of course!

With so many different locations and map markers to explore, it's easy to overlook Downtown Boston's unmarked Prost Bar. It's just a little hole in the wall, and there's seemingly nothing special about it — until you head inside, that is.

Despite all the dead bodies and rubble, the Prost Bar is a pretty accurate re-creation of the bar from Cheers. Considering that the show took place in Boston, it's only fair that Cheers would make a cameo in Fallout 4 — sure, it's a charred, dead, post-apocalyptic cameo, but still a cameo nonetheless.

Fire in the Hole

If Grand Theft Auto V taught gamers anything, it's that illegal drugs and alcohol can make for some pretty amazing explosions — and Fallout 4 is no different. If you survive the Super Mutants at Fallon's Department Store, head southeast. There's no map marker or any sort of landmark ... but this particular Easter egg is hard to miss.

Out of nowhere, a nearby shack will explode. It's no tiny grenade explosion, either: the house gets lit up. Exploring the wreckage won't net you anything out of the ordinary — a few bottle caps, some ammo — but the pyrotechnics alone are worth checking it out. Also, free whiskey!

Of course, this is just the start — more and more Fallout 4 Easter eggs are being found every day. If there's anything you think should be on this list, just let us know in the comments below!

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