Google is finally launching Chrome beta for iOS, bringing with it the much anticipated 3D Touch support.

The Mountain View-based company has silently added support for the iPhone and iPad to the listing of test platforms, which now enables users of these iOS devices to test out the beta version which comes equipped with a few modifications.

Through this added functionality, iOS users can simply hard-press the Chrome home screen icon. It will launch the voice search, then switch to incognito mode or open a different tab. Users will need to make use of the TestFlight developer tool, which Apple purchased, to be able to download the beta app. This tool is used by app developers to test their apps without the need of going through the App Store.

How To Download The Chrome Beta App

Download the TestFlight in the App Store, then register.

Upon signing up, head over to the Chrome beta download website. Tap the button that says "Download Chrome Beta."

A verification email will then be sent. TestFlight will inform the user if the app can already be downloaded.

Google has launched beta before, along with other development channels open to all on its other platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux and Mac. It's just now that Google opened up the opportunity for iOS.

In addition, Apple has recently elevated the limit on TestFlight. From 1,000 users, it's now increased to 2,000. It doubled the testing time period from 30 to 60 days. Exactly the reason why it chose to alter the figures has yet to be revealed by Apple. The company already announced such modifications a few months ago at WWDC.

In February 2014, Apple obtained beta testing platform TestFlight by purchasing Burstly. Burstly had three products back then, including FlightPath (analytics), SkyRocket (mobile ads) and TestFlight.

Obviously, because this app is in a beta phase, it's not the best for people who wish for a browsing experience which is totally free of any bugs. Rather, this is best suited for those who would like to get first dibs of the app, particularly the most recent features and do not mind some glitches.

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