NCIS actress Pauley Perrette was attacked by a homeless man near her Hollywood home.

Perrette took to Twitter to reveal the harrowing details of her encounter.

The 46-year-old actress was on her way to meet her architect in a guest house she had just bought when she was jumped by what she described as "a VERY psychotic homeless man."

Perrette also went on an interview to further discuss the night of the attack.

"I've been crying all night, clearly," she said. "He told me he was going to kill me several times and I absolutely believed him."

She said that it was during this time that she prayed, knowing that she was helpless against the strength of the man

Following the attack, she collapsed on the sidewalk, and texted her neighbor and a friend who was a cop.

"Some guy walked right past me with a dog that licked my face. He was on his phone, annoyed. Did nothing. I texted my friend next door and my church friend cop."

Perrette then drew a police sketch of her attacker, who then headed towards Hollywood Boulevard with "murder in his eyes."

A report confirms that they booked a 45-year-old white male suspect named David Merck at a 7-Eleven in Hollywood. Merck was arrested on felony battery charges.

Perrette said that apart from being "shaken and traumatized," her life was changed by that night.

Despite her near-death experience, the actress has no intentions of quitting her advocacy. She shared her intentions of helping out the homeless and developing general awareness for what is really happening.

She further emphasized on the need for full mental care, housing and help for the homeless, support for the police and personal safety.

"I need to heal. I almost died tonight," said Perrette to end her post.

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