Fans of Once Upon A Time got a special two-episode event Sunday night that should hold them over until the next episode, which airs in two weeks.

However, with all the plot twists thrown into the story in those two episodes, two weeks still might seem like a long wait.

A new preview of the next episode of Once Upon A Time only seeks to continue to make that wait feel even longer by teasing what's going to happen next.

Please note that the following contains spoilers.

One of the most surprising elements of Sunday night's two-episode event involved the fate of Hook: to save his life, Emma turned him into a Dark One. So now Storybrooke has two Dark Ones running around. Emma swears that her intentions are for the good of those she loves, but in this new preview, it seems that Hook easily embraces the darkness and returns to his old ways.

Hook still wants to kill the "Crocodile" that's haunted him all these years, the man responsible for the death of the woman he loved so long ago. In the preview, he returns to Rumpelstiltskin vowing revenge for that event. It seems that the darkness wants to follow through on the old grudge, regardless of Hook finding love with Emma.

Two weeks seems like a long time to wait, but the two-episode event did finally answer some questions, all leading up to the series' winter finale.

"This two-hour extravaganza is kind of our jumping-off point for our end run into the midseason finale," said Once Upon A Time co-executive producer Adam Horowitz to IGN. "I think one of the things we're most excited about is how the storytelling, we feel like, really amps up and starts the ball rolling down the hill toward the winter finale."

Another character mentioned this season is Prometheus, suggesting that the series might eventually also delve into Greek mythology, probably after the winter finale.

"For us, the show is always a mash-up," said Horowitz. "As we said when we did the first year, it was like being in your backyard with your Star Wars figures playing with your Star Trek figures and having Darth Vader talk to Captain Kirk. That's what makes it interesting. Having the dagger be part of Excalibur, having Excalibur be part of the Holy Grail—we felt it was a way to tie it all in. The Promethean spark, I think, is the same idea and also setting up things for the future."

Once Upon A Time returns Nov. 29 to ABC.

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