Next Nintendo Direct Will Be The Last Dedicated To 'Super Smash Bros.'


If you are a Super Smash Bros. fan, you are going to want to tune in for the Nintendo Direct broadcast next month, as it will be the last direct dedicated to what has quickly become one of Nintendo's most important game franchises.

The announcement of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct came immediately after Nintendo revealed that Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame would be joining the Smash Bros. roster alongside a new FFVII themed stage.

It's now been revealed by a Nintendo of Europe news release (via Go Nintendo) that this is the last Nintendo Direct planned for Super Smash Bros. So far there have been three Nintendo Direct broadcasts dedicated solely to showing off the game, the latest being the announcement of three new DLC characters that included Ryu from Capcom's popular Street Fighter series.

Expect December's Nintendo Direct to do something similar. More details on Cloud are a given, but we may also see the announcement of new DLC characters who have been chosen from the Super Smash Bros. online fan ballot that ran earlier this year. It's unclear if Cloud being included in the game came as a result of fan votes, but he certainly fits the bill. It also seems safe to assume that Nintendo will announce when exactly these new DLC characters will be released. Though Cloud was announced during the last direct, no pricing details or a release date were given.

What other characters may we see? We'll have to wait until Dec. to find out more about the future of Super Smash Bros. heading into 2016, but the future is certainly looking bright.

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