Earlier this month, Twitter replaced its star icon that allowed users to favorite a tweet for a more Instagram-friendly heart system, renaming "favorites" to now be called "likes." However, the social network may be experiencing Facebook's "like" problems, because it is probably finding that it might be insensitive for users to like certain posts.

As a result, one Twitter user noticed that the company began testing the ability for its members to use multiple emojis as reactions to possibly replace or add to its new like feature represented by hearts.

Twitter user _Ninji took a screen shot that shows users may soon be able to add in other smiley face emojis, like the shocked face or crying face, along with the party noisemaker and 100 symbol.

The Twitter user told The Verge that the new like emojis are part of a developer build that was accessed through a jailbroken version of Twitter's app.

Other emojis Twitter is playing around with for the feature include the beer glasses, fire, hands clapping, thumbs up, thumbs down and even the poop one.

It was added that the feature appears to be in its early stages, so that might mean more emojis could be added to the new likes lineup.

If rolled out, allowing users to react using emojis could make for more personalized interactions, while providing a way for users to express themselves with the popularly-used characters.

Twitter has not yet commented on the news.

Still, it appears that the company is taking a page from Facebook, which is expanding its own like button with emojis that will let users express empathy or sadness. Let's face it, no wants to "like" someone's post about a tragic event or death.

Source: The Verge

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