Leaping Tiger, The Matchmaking App For Gamers, Finally Arrives On Android


Gamers who happen to have Android phones can now enjoy Leaping Tiger at the comfort of their own devices.

The friend-finding platform for gamers has been available to iOS and PC users for months now. Alas! The time has come for Android users to access the matchmaking app as well.

"[The move to Android] has been our number one requested feature!" shared Amy Potter, co-founder of Leaping Tiger.

Leaping Tiger connects like-minded players across all major gaming platforms.

"If Foursquare and Tinder had a baby, and that baby was really into gaming, that's Leaping Tiger," Potter added.

Potter also noted that social platforms created specifically for gamers have seemed to always lag behind. This drove the team to come up with a product that captures the "evolution of the online social experience for gamers."

"We offer a streamlined set of tools to help the community instantly connect," Potter said.

The app allows users to create a player ID and instantly connect to other players. A "Play Request" needs to be sent and then approved by the user to be able to chat and arrange for an in-game meet.

"For those wanting to play Helldivers on the Vita with someone at 5AM in the morning? This App might be for you," said a review.

Leaping Tiger boasts of its Location Aware feature, which prioritizes players within the user's area. It searches for those who are in the same time zone before searching worldwide. Users also have the option to save current friends and to be able to connect with them across multiple platforms via player ID.

As of posting, the app has a rating of 3.1 on Google Play, with the reviews about the app ranging from five stars to one star.

"Great idea... I don't have Facebook so I can't signup or login. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to finding some people to play co-op with on my xboxone. Please allow us to sign up without Facebook," wrote user Sal Monaco, giving a one-star rating.

"Great app. The UI is beautiful and it is great for finding new friends and seeing what everyone else is getting up to. Love this app and love the developers for making it," commented Thomas Eyles, alongside a five-star rating.

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