In the technology age, our next relationship can start by finding a partner on dating sites and apps like Match or Tinder, and now when the flame fizzles, you no longer have to deal with the messy ending yourself.

Yes, you can now outsource your break up so you don't have to deal with the crying, screaming, or heartbreak in person—which is, you know, the respectful thing to do.

This modern-day Carrie Bradshaw Post-it note break up service is offered from the company The Breakup Shop, which will do the deed for you for anywhere from $10 to $40.

Break up via text is the cheapest option for just $10, while an email will cost you $20. For $30, The Breakup Shop will write a custom letter, or you can give your soon-to-be ex a call for just one dollar cheaper.

The text message, email and call options let you choose the time to send the bad news, and whatever option you decide on, you have the ability to create the message yourself or have the break-up team write it for you.

You need up to three days for the arrangements to be made, but can select a rush option to break up within 24 hours for an added fee of $5 to $10 if you really can't bear to spend one more minute with your not-so-significant other.

If you want to add insult to injury—or make this whole process not as painful for them—you can send along breakup gifts that include Netflix gift cards, Call of Duty and The Notebook—because who doesn't want to watch the greatest love story of all time after realizing that you are now alone?

While many people experience the "ghosting" phenomenon in relationships, where you go on a few dates with someone and then they just disappear, ignoring your texts and calls, this service might help give some people the closure they need—even though it might just be better to just man up and do it face-to-face.

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