Our phones are great at handling multiple tasks, but switching between them is still an issue that requires fixing. Going from one app to another isn't as smooth as we'd like it to be.

A new tool called ClearView Gestures aims to change that, as it is designed to make switching between apps a lot easier. The free app allows users to draw a simple squiggle to launch apps, compose a text message or make a phone call.

To get this awesome new tool up and running, users must first train it to work properly by drawing a shape or an alphabet three times and then associate the gesture with an action. For example, drawing an "E" could be associated with making a call, so simply drawing an "E" will allow the user to call someone.

To make a gesture, users must invoke ClearView by tapping the floating overlay and drawing the appropriate gesture. Users can then watch the magic as it happens.

ClearView is quite an interesting tool as it enables users to make several tasks easier to accomplish by just drawing on the screen with their fingers. It is not the first app to do this, but ClearView has more advanced options for customization. Furthermore, it doesn't require the user to be accurate when using one of the saved gestures to activate a task, delivering a seamless performance.

There's also a pro version that costs under $1. It comes with a feature called Swipe Spot, which makes it possible for users to invoke the app from anywhere. There's even a button for activating shortcuts without having to draw.

Here's what ClearView Gestures is capable of:

  • Launch apps
  • Launch shortcuts
  • Call or message
  • Toggle Bluetooth, Ringer, Screen rotation, Screen timeout, Wi-Fi
  • Toggle Torch
  • Run "Tasker" tasks
  • Open websites
  • Quickly open many System Settings
  • Show recent apps
  • Redial number or open dialpad

The app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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