Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a users will now be able to download Project Spectrum beta on their handsets.

The newly released firmware will allow users to still enjoy the features of Android Lollipop along with some of Oppo's popular software. This include audio tools, camera and gesture support.

The company plans to make the firmware also available to other phones in the near future.

"We are glad to announce that first version of Find 7 Project Spectrum is here, with full features of the stock Android and some of the most popular features from ColorOS. This ROM is both simple and ready," said Ricky, product manager, on a thread at the Oppo forum.

Oppo said that the release is meant to make its handsets look more appealing to "Western markets" where stock Android is a more popular choice among the consumers. The company wants to sell more devices to users in North America, in Europe, and in other regions where Oppo handsets seem to be overshadowed by unlocked hardware.

Oppo's handsets are originally designed to cater to Chinese buyers who favor heavy customization as compared to Western counterparts who prefer fewer. In China, Oppo's headquarters location, and in other emerging markets such as India, consumers show more interest in customized Android. This allows them to enjoy localized additions on their handsets which include app stores and payment channels.

Currently, Oppo's handsets are still equipped with its own ColorOS. Users would have to install the newly released near-stock version on their own.

Some of the features that users can expect from the version include two supported screen-off gestures (one for waking up the phone with a double tap and the other to open the camera app by drawing a circle); ColorOS camera support plugins such as Expert Mode, Double Exposure, GIF, HDR, Filters, and Beautify; and MaxxAudio, which is supported and turned on by default.

"Light, Fast, Stable is my main impression on this ROM, without any blotware making this ROM running smooth like silk," stated in the forum.

Oppo also plans to bring a Marshmallow upgrade to its handsets in the coming months.

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