Iran Unveils Surena III Humanoid Robot That Can Climb Stairs, Recognize Faces And More


Iran has been working on robots for years, but its latest marvel might be the best yet. This little guy is called the Surena III, and it is a humanoid robot capable of climbing stairs among other neat things.

The robot, developed by researchers of the Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies at the University of Tehran, has the height of around 6 feet and weight of 216 pounds. That's basically the height and weight of a normal human being right there, folks.

We also understand that the robot uses established functionalities based on the open-source software called Robot Operating System.

Interestingly enough, Surena III comes with the ability to interact with its surroundings. It uses facial recognition sensors to tell what is what before physically interacting with objects, humans or even other humanoids, something the previous version could not do.

Apart from climbing the stairs, Surena III can maneuver terrains, though we are not certain how difficult the terrain must be to navigate without the robot falling over.

When it comes down to the speed, the Iranian-made humanoid can walk at 0.4 miles per hour. Not the most impressive, but that is faster when compared to the old model, so it can be considered as a decent enough improvement.

The overall technology is impressive, the sensors that make it possible for the Surena III to recognize faces and objects, comes from the Microsoft Kinect sensor. As we all should already know, apart from tracking and recognizing faces and objects, Kinect allows users to issue voice commands. So, it makes sense that the humanoid robot understands around 200 Persian words. Pretty impressive, right? We agree.

The Surena III is remarkable, especially if you put into account that not too many countries in the world have managed to create a robot this sophisticated.

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