Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows 10 Mobile operating system, build 10586.11. This version is an RTM build, so instead of releasing with new features, it comes with several bug fixes to ensure smoother operation.

We understand that this build of the operating system is the one being added to the Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones. This is the build Microsoft intends to roll out to the public, so Insiders are encouraged to test it and provide feedback on stability among other things.

The software giant has been testing build 10586 internally for quite some time, so many fans have been quite happy to see the new update finally being released for Insiders. Furthermore, just last week Microsoft released Threshold 2 for desktops, and it has the same build number like this one.

Since the build was made available to Insiders, we've been using it extensively. Yes, there are no new features here, but it feels a lot better due to a large amount of bug fixes. We haven't yet experienced apps crashing for no apparent reason, and things just work without a hitch now.

Some of the biggest problems have been fixed. For example, it's now possible to move apps to the SD card and use the apps without them crashing all the time. Users can now set the SD card to be the default saving location, and the Start Screen should no longer become a corrupted mess.

This operating system from our point of view is what Microsoft should have released years ago. It has finally caught up with Android and iOS in terms of features and functionality, but when it comes down to the apps, Windows 10 Mobile is still lacking.

Popular apps such as Twitter and Facebook give a much better experience on other platforms; the same can be said for most third-party apps.

Also, there are no improvements to the new Messaging app with Skype built-in. We still have issues adding our phone number because it keeps sending back an error. This has been happening since the previous build.

Bear in mind that before upgrading to the new build, do a backup of your smartphone first because anything can happen.

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