If you could travel back in time and change one key point in history, what would you change? In Stephen King's book 11.22.63, the answer seems a simple one: the story follows a man sent back in time to prevent John F. Kennedy's death.

Now, the Hulu exclusive series based on the book is almost here, and with that comes a new trailer highlighting the heart of the story.

In 11.22.63, James Franco portrays recently divorced teacher Jake Epping, who gets tasked with going back in time by the owner of a local diner, Al, to prevent the death of Kennedy. There's a time portal in the back of the diner that transports anyone who goes through it back to 1958.

Of course, things aren't as easy as they seem, and Jake must visit the past several times Eventually, he must ask himself the question: should he find happiness in the past or change things for a better future? Will saving JFK even result in a better future?

Although Hulu has produced exclusive series in its past, this could prove its largest project to date: the series comes courtesy of J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions. The book the series finds inspiration from was also extremely popular and stayed on the New York Times Bestseller List for 16 weeks, as well as received multiple awards.

"Yes, so 11.22.63, a Stephen King book, produced by J.J. Abrams, starring James Franco," said Hulu Senior VP of ad sales Peter Naylor to Capital New York. "When I say big faces in new places, it is like, J.J. Abrams is making the biggest movie of the year with Star Wars, and his next project is with Hulu. James Franco, Academy-nominated actor, movie star, shows up for this project."

The story isn't typical of King's normal horror affairs, but still contains elements familiar to his fans.

"On the date when Jake is dumped into the past, Sept. 9, 1958, I would have been just shy of my 11th birthday," said King in an interview with NPR. "There's such a tendency to look back on those times through rose-colored glasses. ... I felt that I had to go back and look at the past as realistically as possible."

Hulu's 11.22.63 also stars Chris Cooper, Josh Duhamel, T.R. Knight, Cherry Jones, Sarah Gadon, Lucy Fry,George MacKay, and Daniel Webber.

11.22.63 premieres on Hulu on President's Day, 2016.

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