With the release of The Force Awakens less than a month away, it looks like the Italian luxury automaker Fiat has caught a whiff of Star Wars fever: at the annual L.A. Auto Show, the company unveiled a Stormtrooper-inspired concept car in honor of the franchise's upcoming film.

Created by Garage Italia Customs and reminiscent of a Mini Cooper, the First Order Stormtrooper 2015 Fiat 500e takes stylistic cues from the now-iconic Stormtrooper helmet, right down to the black and white lacquer paint job.

As per Fiat, the concept car is supposed to evoke both "modern technology and functionality, but with an added classic Italian design, making it the perfect vehicle to take on the galaxy in style."

As certain Star Wars fans might notice, the First Order isn't modeled after the classic armor design of the original Imperial solider; rather, Garage Italia Customs based its concept vehicle after the protective uniforms worn in later installments of the franchise, more in line with the armor worn by bounty hunter Bobba Fett's father, Jango, who first appears in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Of course, the car couldn't be complete without a Stormtrooper dashboard decal, as well as helmet logos on the front, back, rims and the steering wheel:

While the car is not available to purchase, Star Wars fans and sports car enthusiasts alike will be able to view the customized car until the end of the week.

Via: CNET 

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