Not too long ago, Samsung attacked Apple iPhone users by calling them "wall huggers" in a new advertisement. The ad showed iPhone users literally clinging to wall chargers in various places and situations, and it was fun to watch. However, the South Korean company has now chosen to show why Samsung Galaxy S5 owners can avoid being wall huggers.

In its new ad, Samsung aims to show why the Galaxy S5 can last a whole week on a single charge. The ad wasn't as humorous when compared to the previous one, but that may not be the point the company is trying to emphasize. Samsung clearly wants people to realize that they can get more battery life from a Galaxy S5, because chances are, many owners have no idea this is possible, and potential buyers could use this as a buying point.

The ad began with two men who have chosen to go on a road trip that would take several days. As the journey began, one took out his Galaxy S5 and turned on the feature called Ultra Power Saving Mode. The goal here is to see how long the Galaxy S5 can last with the power saving mode turned on, and turned off on occasion to take images and videos throughout the trip.

According to Samsung, both men traveled 3,504 miles, which took 150 hours to complete. The men allegedly took a whopping 119 photos, took 4 minutes worth of video, 16 minutes of talk time, and sent 86 text messages. It's a bit odd how they only took 4 minutes of video, who does that on a 150-hour trip? Well, apparently these guys do.

Some might believe this is impossible, but we've seen reports where folks have achieved close to what Samsung is advertising. Still, we're not sure how many folks are willing to be constantly switching between normal mode and the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature.

These advertisements from Samsung are more than just designed show the iPhone's inferiority when it comes to battery life. They are designed to sell Galaxy S5s, especially since it was recently reported that despite being a newer handset than the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 is still trending behind, and might forever play catch up.

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